New Falling Stars Excerpt from new version!



The elevator was quiet and only stopped at one other floor, though no one was waiting. I stepped off the elevator and turned in the direction of my room, halting in my tracks. Damn it!
I sighed and continued walking, but Christopher pushed from the wall and walked in front of me.
“Excuse me,” I growled and tried to walk around him. He moved to the side, cutting off my escape.
“Jesus Christ, Christopher. What?” I spat out and stood with my arms across my chest.
He started walking closer toward me. With each step he made forward, I backed up. I felt my back hit a wall, and he pressed closer. For a moment, he scared me, but then a weird ease came over me when he was close enough for me to feel the heat of his body. I wanted to slap him and then I wanted to slap myself for reacting this way.
“I think that I want –”
Before he could finish, I tried to slip out from the side. He placed his hands on either side of me, preventing my retreat. I scowled at him and he smirked. The motherfucker smirked. I wanted to slap the stupid smirk off his face. I also wanted to swipe my tongue over that cocky smirk. The heat from his slim yet firm body pressing against mine was causing sparks to light across my nerve endings. What the fuck is wrong with me? I gave him a hateful look while my eyes scanned over his features, taking him in fully for what felt like the first time. God, he’s so fucking pretty. His intense blue eyes were boring into mine, his high cheekbones and sharp jaw so pristine it was as if he were a painting; the perfect depiction of bad boy wrapped up within a man. The slight stubble across his jaw gave him a harder look that was so appealing… I shook away my thoughts. This is ridiculous. My annoyance grew toward him and myself for becoming putty in his hands.
“Move, Christopher!” I yelled.
He shook his head with his smirk still firmly in place.
“As I was saying. I think I want you…”
My mouth dropped open in utter shock while my body responded to the words.
“…your voice,” he finished, laughing at my reaction.
“Excuse me?”
His laugh a bucket of ice tossed on my mounting libido. I shoved at his chest, his extremely hard chest forcing him backward. Damn, I bet defined muscles of perfection lay under his thin cotton shirt.
“You heard me,” he said before turning to walk toward his room.
I couldn’t take it anymore. I had had enough of his arrogance and pissy attitude.
“I can’t stand you!” I shouted to his retreating figure. “I don’t know what your damn problem is but –”
He snapped his head around, drilling his dark eyes into me. I could see the anger writhing off him. Before I knew it, he stood before me again, invading my personal space. Breathing heavily, his eyes dark as midnight, he moved his hand down my side, caressing the side of my breast down to my hip where he gripped lightly. He moved his face closer to mine before dipping down to my jawline, placing a chaste kiss. I shivered. Apparently, my body and brain were not functioning in unison.
“You don’t know one fucking thing about me, baby,” he growled against my neck, his hot breath causing goose bumps to break out across my skin. Abruptly, he pushed away and hightailed it back to his room.
My body went cold and I fucking seethed. Walking past his door, I kicked it hard along the way to my room.

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