A PLEA to Kindle Unlimited (KU) Readers

HELP Indie Authors!
As some of you may already know, a good bit of the Indie Author community does NOT support the Kindle Unlimited (KU) Program.
What you may not know is why some of us don’t?
Well, there are many different reasons, but the biggest squeeze to our purses/wallets is the fact that WE – the author of these books – DO NOT GET PAIDunless YOU – the KU subscribed reader scrolls/reads past 10% of the book.
It’s only then we receive credit.
To encourage authors to remain in this program and provide books through this avenue, PLEASE flick, tap, or scroll past 10%
PLEASE Give them the credit for the download (“purchase”).
The cost doesn’t change for you. 
(You’re monthly subscription is the same no matter how far you get in a book or don’t get.)
 BUT this small action after you download the book, rewards an author for their hard work.  Being rewarded makes for a happy writer. A productive writer not stressing about sales.
IF things continue to go as they have been, then I’m afraid you will no longer see a lot of your favorite Indie Authors or discover new indie authors on Amazon’s KU program.
It may also push many out of writing all together.
It’s a simple act, that costs you nothing. If you like KU and hope it continues to provide you with amazing indie authors – favorites and newbies, then all you have to do is……


**Please Spread the Word**

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