We’ve all been hurt by another person in our lifetime. We’ve all been told “I’m sorry” by someone we hold dear and strangers we only just met. Sometimes, forgiving a person is hard. It can even feel like an impossible thing to do – to give.


Let’s really think about those people who’ve hurt us and we’ve not been able to forgive.

First, make a mental or physical list of said people. Really think about them and what they did. Now push your list aside, take a deep breath, and focus on the fact that not forgiving hurts you more than those people and the act they committed. The stress and negative emotions from holding onto things only cause more emotional and sometimes physical pain.


Remember, forgive does not mean forget. Forgiveness is:

1. Pardon or absolution following an offense.
2. Letting go of feelings of resentment and anger.
3. Canceling a debt; no longer requiring repayment.

Nowhere in forgiving are you required to forget that an offense occurred. Instead, you forgive and move on – hopefully this will allow you to not think on it any longer.

Second, ask yourself if the person is worth holding onto. Are they worth your time to hold a grudge for? If you can honestly say they are, then you aren’t ready to forgive that person yet. But, if you realize they aren’t worth your time, effort, and stress, it’s time to let it go.

Third, take a few moments to sincerely forgive someone. Do it within yourself and – if possible – do it in person/public with the one who hurt you. (Some instances this will not be possible. That’s where internally forgiving them can often help.)


Now, forgive and stop telling the story. Allow yourself to be free of resentment, anger, and negativity.

“Let today be the day you stop being
haunted by the ghost of yesterday.”
~ Steve Maribolli
And last, look in the mirror and look close. We are often hardest on ourselves. Today is the day to make amends with your soul. Forgive yourself and move on from the regrets holding you back.


Here is a couple of my favorite Romance Books involving forgiveness:

MacRieve by Kresley Cole
Game for Love by Bella Andre
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
Friends without Benefits by Penny Reid

What are yours?

Sadie Grubor
Author of Contemporary Romance – The Smexy Way
Including The Falling Stars Series


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