AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT: Susan Horsnell – Mail Order Marshall


By Susan Horsnell

Marshall FrontWhen Claire Sullivan’s parents are killed in a stagecoach hold up she is left as the only heir to their successful horse ranch.

The ranch is in Texas and Claire has been informed she is in danger of losing it if she doesn’t marry, as a woman the law won’t recognise her ownership.

Claire hates the thought of marriage and family thanks to her philandering father; but to keep the ranch that she loves she knows she has no other choice but to marry.

She refuses to marry anyone from her ranch, or in town, so her neighbour suggests she write to a mail order bride agency. Claire writes to an agency in Forbes and explains her situation.

She tells in her letter that the marriage will be one of convenience with none of the privileges normally shared between a husband and wife. The man will have a share of the profits but, if he decides to end the marriage and leave, he will have no claim on the ranch and Claire will be free to start again.

When her neighbour, Henry, suffers horse rustling and killings, the finger is pointed at Claire and her men. Henry knows it’s not them and decides he needs outside help to solve the crime. He visits his friend in Forbes who’s the head of the Rangers. Henry explains the situation to his friend and his friend helps out by talking to two of his Rangers who have just resigned to move on with their lives.

Peter Reynolds has just quit the Rangers to set himself up on a ranch. When his boss explains Claire’s situation he jumps at the chance to partly own an already established and successful horse ranch even it does involve marriage. Marriage is the last thing Peter wants after the betrayal he suffered but one of convenience in exchange for a ranch seems like a good offer.

When Claire’s horse is poisoned and she gets shot in broad daylight; Peter and his best friend, who is using Henry’s ranch as his cover so he can help Peter investigate, know they have to find the man responsible before someone gets killed.

Peter stays by Claire’s side while she recovers and he finds himself losing his heart to his brave little wife. Claire also finds a love she never believed in before she met Peter.

Their love is put in jeopardy when the shooter takes advantage of the men searching the mountains for him and he breaks into Claire’s room. He is determined to kill her!

Will Claire survive to be with the man who has finally broken down her barriers and captured her heart?

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