BNR Presents: Not Your Typical Author Interview with Andria Large


Not Your Typical AIPlease join me in welcoming Andria Large.  She is the first of many author interview videos to come.  And remember, this is NOT your typical Author Interview.

Oh, and her Pussy makes a quick appearance too.  🙂

  NewAtWarCover  NewWarTornCover  WarWoundedCover  NewAtPeaceCover

Andria Large will be Rebel’s n Readers Author Event 2015 in November.  If you’re attending, don’t forget to stop by her table, say hello and check out her books.

I want to thank Andria for being the first to submit her interview and for ROCKING it!   I’m jealous of your hair, btw. 


Author Bio:

Andria is married and a stay at home mother with two crazy little girls and two psychotic cats. She doesn’t go anywhere without her precious iPhone and a purse full of animal crackers. She used to be completely obsessed with the Backstreet Boys, but now is only mildly obsessed (still goes to every concert when they are in town). She loves cartoons and Disney movies, and can probably recite every line from Dumb and Dumber. Humor is a must in her life; otherwise, it would be completely boring. Pepsi is her weakness, along with anything chocolate. She can’t sing to save her life, but she pretends she can when she is alone in her car with the music blasting so that she can’t hear herself.  

She loves to read Romance. Paranormal, Scottish, Military, Police, Firefighters, Athletes, Cowboys and M/M are her favorite. She is not so much a fan of YA, though. If you haven’t been able to tell from reading her books, she likes – whether she is reading them or writing them – lots of hot steamy sex.

Andria loves her fans and is always willing to chat. She works hard on her books, does not get offended easily, and has a pretty thick skin when it comes to negativity toward her work. She welcomes constructive criticism because she feels that is how one betters themselves, by taking that constructive criticism and using it.

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