Xavier in the Closet


Xavier in the Closet
(Outtake from HITS)

Copyright Sadie Grubor, Author 2016.
*unedited outtake*
*Outtake is best if you read HITS (Hidden in the Stars – book 2 in The Falling Stars Series)

Sidra (Sid) Campbell POV

His heat fills my back and I pause, gripping the doorknob to the hidden door.

“Can I get some space, Gandalf the Red?” Jesus, this guy has been up my ass all night, and not in a good way.

“I’m just being helpful,” he responds, holding the curtain back from the hidden door.

“Mmhmm,” I mutter, not buying his innocent guy act.

Biting back a small grin, I yank open the door to backstage forcefully, making sure to land my elbow into his ribs.

Ha! Take that you oversized pubic hair covered twat-block.

That’s for ruining the killer game I’d been running on the hot as hell bartender.

I’d been just a moment away from closing a one-night-in-Sid-party with the sexy blond guy. But no, Xavier ruined it by moving in and standing behind me until the drink slinger ran off.

Then he thought by telling me I was sexy when pissed off would improve my sour mood and improve my opinion of his Cousin It on steroids ass.

So, the sound of his painful gasp warms my body with elation.



Xavier Stone (inspiration)

“Damn, woman. I’m all for rough, but at least ask my safe word first,” he coughs out.


Why does he have to say that shit and make me think about tying him down to have my dirty way with him? I don’t even like the annoying bastard, but it’s been weeks without a manmade orgasm. My wrist gives a little twinge, reminding me of how much the alone time affects my carpal tunnel.

Growling in frustration, I walk faster through the door to backstage.

Gorgeous, half naked women walk around backstage.  They talk and help loosen and unzip articles of clothing before disappearing into the privacy of dressing areas. Stage crew members roll up wires and carry equipment.

“Sid,” one of the main performers, Miss Nikel, calls out.

Miss Nikle

Miss Nikel (inspiration)


Giving a lift of my chin, I join her small group of barely dressed dancers.

Miss Nikel’s makeup is still flawless. Perfectly arched brows over almond shaped eyes and the dark red stain of her symmetrical lips compliment her thin face.

“What I wouldn’t give for your tits,” Miss Nikel says on a sigh.

Her glitter splattered hands come up and air cup my chest.

“Go ahead.” I press my chest out in invitation.

Palms flat on my chest, she squeezes, her chilly fingertips touching the bare skin exposed by my V-neck shirt.

“If you need a second opinion,” his voice penetrates the sanctuary of the small group, “I can assure you that I am very,” the heat of his body fills my back again, “very thorough.”

Miss Nikel releases my boobs, bringing a hand up to fan herself.

“Who might you be?” She drops her fan hand, running the fingers over her deep cleavage. The black corset she wears emphasizes her slender waist and pushes her tits up high.

“A walking, annoying, oversized hair piece,” I answer for him and grin.

“Well, I’m disappointingly hair free at the moment,” Miss Nikel flirts, her eyes focused on the beast at my back.

Raising a brow, I tilt my head and give a nod. Well played.

The two other dancers in the group giggle.  Wearing large grins, they excuse themselves into a changing room.

Deciding to follow their example, I say, “I’ll just let you two—”

His hand around my bicep halts my steps and draws my eyes to his touch.

The heat of his hand on my bare skin spreads over my skin, making me feel flush and off kilter.

“I’m sure it will grow back,” he says to Miss Nikel.

Xavier’s response stuns me. He’s been scamming on me half the night, and he’s going to turn down the gorgeous burlesque dancer. I’m so shocked, I don’t realize he’s pulled me away until we’re well separated from the bustle of bodies.

Digging my heels into the floor, I pull my arm from his grip.

“Stop dragging me around,” I snap.

His large body spins with a grace I didn’t think someone his size would have. Two steps toward me and I begin my retreat. My back hits a door, the knob digging into my left ass cheek.

Xavier moves in leaving little space between us.

“I think we got off on the wrong foot,” he says, caging me in with his arms.

Plastering a super sweet and fake smile on my face, I say, “I think if you don’t want to find out what your balls taste like, you need to back the fuck off me, Ginger Beard.”

Instead of moving, he grins.

“Or we could just introduce our belly buttons and see what happens from there,” he offers, his grin widening.

Oh, that’s it!

Relaxing against the wood at my back, I lick my bottom lip.

His eyes drop to my mouth, mimicking the action.

Fuck that’s hot.

Mentally shaking off the hotness vibes he’s throwing down, I slip my left hand behind me and grip the knob.  With my right, I reach out and flatten it against his stomach.  The muscle bunches beneath my hand.

He’s so solid and warm, and I wonder how hard other places are. I bet firm muscle leads down to a gloriously hard—.  Damn it, no.

Sliding my palm up his chest, I lightly push against his right pectoral.

For a moment, he doesn’t budge. I lean my body close enough that my breasts press against his chest.  He gets the hint and inches back. I twist the knob and start pulling open the door.

Looking over my shoulder I find a half filled closet. The light catches on two metal cuffs hanging on the wall and an idea forms.

With the door open, I bring both my hands to his waist. Gaining control of the situation, I maneuver him and back him into the closet.

His large hands grip my hips sending a shock of heat straight to my pussy. She thinks we are about to finally get back in the cock riding rodeo, instantly sending out signals to my clit like it’s Morse fucking Code.

Throb, throb, pulse, clench = I sense cock is close.

indexWhen his hands start to slide toward my ass, I grab his wrists.

“What—?” He beings to ask, but I silence him with a finger over his mouth.

Taking both his wrists in my hands, I pull them off my body and bring them against the wall next to his head.

My body immediately protests the departure of his touch, but the metallic gleam in my peripheral steels my resolve.

Pressing my body against his, every muscle tenses beneath me.

With my mouth just one tongue lick away from his, I slide my right hand toward the hanger pole. The metal is cold in my hand, a complete contrast to the fire raging between this beast of a man and me.

Swallowing my reservations, I slowly lick my bottom lip. The action almost brings me a taste of his bottom lip. Xavier’s mouth parts on a low moan.

He’s distracted enough that he doesn’t even realize where I’m moving his hands. Until the metal clasps around his wrists.

First, he grins, clearly thinking fifty shades of kink games are about to start, but the smile falls as he watches me slide down and away from his body.cuffs

Leveling a look at him, I cross my arms over my chest.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He growls, pulling at the cuffs.

The pole protests, but holds strong.

“You really need to know who you mess with before you fuck up a girl’s vagina party for two plans,” I reprimand.

“Get me out of these,” he demands, yanking harder against his confines.

“Sorry, I don’t have a key,” I explain, batting my eyelashes.

Unable to hide my amusement, a laugh escapes me.

“You’re fucking crazy,” he shouts. “Let me go!”

Bringing my finger to my chin, I purse my lips and tap.

“Hmmm… I think you need a lesson,” I state, grabbing the door knob.

“Red!” His bellow causes me to jump.

braXavier opens his mouth to yell once more, but in a reflex reaction, I snag a red sequin bra from a hanger and shove it in his mouth.

His eyes widen in shock then rage.

Realizing I may have taken this a step too far, I panic. Backing out of the closet, I grab the door and slam it shut.

The knob jiggles, not like someone trying to open it with their hands, but like it’s being kicked.  I grab it, thinking I can stop him from getting out.

Low voices carry from down the hall before I hear Liza call out.

“What did you do?”

Glancing at Liza, her face lined with worry, nose flares, and her eyes narrow at me in suspicion.

I paste a big grin on my face and release the doorknob.

With one last look at the door, I power walk my big ass toward my cousin and her walking talking billboard of a boyfriend.

“Talk later, walk now,” I rush the words out.

Reaching them, I hear the doorknob once more and break into a run for the exit.

Behind me, Liza says, “Run, run now.”

Their footfalls start just as a loud, yet muffled, crash fills the air.


Outside, a familiar driver waits.


Sidra (Sid)  (inspiration)


“You’re here for Jackson, right?” I pant the question.

He gives a nod and moves to open the door.

“I got it,” I shout, opening the door.

Before I slide in, I yell, “Get the car started and ready to take off.”

He stays still, furrowing his brow at me.

“Now man! It’s a matter of life and death,” I snap, slapping the top of the car with my palm for emphasis.

A winded Liza and Jackson emerge from the club and rush toward the car.

“The fuck did you do?” Jackson growls as we climb into the car one by one.

“Go, man, go,” I order, slapping the seat between us and the driver.

He pauses a moment, glancing to Jackson in the rearview mirror.

“You suck as a getaway driver,” I complain at the driver.

Jackson must give him the okay because we shoot off from the curb and away from the club.

Twisting in my seat, I watch out the back window until Lux Hedonica is nowhere in sight. That’s when I’m finally able to relax into the seat.

“Do I even want to know what that was about?” Liza asks in her motherly tone.

“Probably not,” I inform her.

“Should we expect the police?” She continues the grilling.

“The police?!” Jack exclaims.

“Nah,” I say, but pray to God it’s the police that shows up instead of Xavier.

I’m so fucking dead if he gets his hands on me.

My vagina, still confused by the events, clenches expectantly, sending out one last Save-Our-Clit signal.

Sorry, girl, it’s just you and me tonight.

My wrist aches in protest one more time.

FS series teaser2 2016

The Falling Stars Series

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Hidden in the Stars (HITS) – Book 2


Stellar Collision – Novella 2.5: (not a standalone)


SNARE – Book 3:

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