I might be a nobody to you, but I’m a unicorn to someone.


Do you feel like a nobody?
Well, I think you are someone’s Unicorn.. just like K. Langston.

Though I’ve never experienced a signing asking me to back out because of my publishing dates – or lack there of, I can say that at times it does feel like a popularity game. I am in NO WAY a ‘bestseller’ based on those who are listed on USA Today or any other author/book list, and I think those of us outside of this ‘circle of authors’ can feel the disconnect – at certain times – during signings.

Every event I’ve attended as a signing author, the organizers have been nothing but kind and supportive. I’ve been fortunate in the signings I’ve chosen and been lucky to get invited.

While I understand the intentions of these organizers wanting to provide their attendees with ‘new product’, I’m pretty sure this is doing more harm than good for your event.

So, I’d like to thank the event organizers I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of their signing(s). You are all doing it right.

K. Langston

This morning I received an email from an event coordinator that was not only disappointing but disheartening to say the least. Let me start off by saying, I was personally invited to this event. I did not seek them out. Even though it is a well-known event that I had been wanting to participate in for some time. I suppose I missed this little nugget of information when I filled out their interest form upon accepting the invite.

Otherwise, I would have never signed on to be a part of their event.


We wanted to contact you because the event will be coming up soon. On the interest form for 2017 it was stated that all attending authors had to have a title published within twelve months of the event. We adopted this policy in an effort to bring our readers new products each year. We noticed that your last release…

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