C.M. Tryst – Video Shoot




Music reached my ears before I stepped into the large studio where Hush is recording their second music video. This one based on a song Mia wrote while on tour and away from me. She wouldn’t completely fess up to it, but I knew this shit was about me. My girl, my Mia is completely in love with me. Poor fucking girl.

With a stupid smile on my face, I made it around the large backdrop. What the hell?!

Mia stood at the end of a raised platform with an overstuffed mattress. There was tons of see through and lace material flowing around. She wore a damn white slip, which did wonders on her body and brought mine to attention. But it wasn’t the fucking set up that brought the furrow to my brow or the rage boiling from my gut to the top of my head.

Clenching my fists, I stalked over the bright white scene. Someone was going to die and I’d found my target. One of the assistants tried to stop me, but there was no way and no one who would stand in my way.

“Who the fuck is that?” The anger accentuates each word as I shout.

The set falls silent, music and all.

“You’re in the shot.” The director yelled, stepping toward me. It took only one look to make him freeze on his second step.

“Christopher?” Scowl on my face, I turned to her voice. “What the hell are you doing?”

“What am I doing?” One step up onto the raised platform, I glower at the pretty blonde fucker lying across the white bed. Mia had been lip singing to this ass just moments ago. “Who the hell is this?”

Mia closed her eyes and rubbed her temples.

“You are standing in front of this fucker in your underwear and —”

“I am not in my underwear, Christopher. I’m wearing a slip dress that—”

“And,” I repeat, “singing my song to him!” Extending my arm, I point at the fucker who’d crawled up the bed, away from us.

“He’s an actor, Chris. You know, just like the half-naked girls that grace plenty of your videos.” She growls, giving me a murderous glare.

“This isn’t about my videos, Mia. I want him out of here.” Crossing my arms over my chest, I want my demands seen to. There is no fucking way this bastard would have my girl, my future wife, singing my song to him.

“You’re such an asshole!” Mia shoves at my chest and steps down from the platform.

Before I can stop her, she reaches the crowd of onlookers who stand with wide eyes and open mouths. Hopping down, I prepare to follow her.

Suddenly, she spins around and faces me. “This is just a video, Chris. It’s not like something is going on. There are fifty people in this room, yet you act as if I’m alone in a bedroom with another guy!”

“I don’t like it.” No longer in a rage, now that she is further from him, my anger simmer under my skin.

“And I don’t like when you have half-dressed women dancing around you or slithering their bodies against you in videos, but I know it’s not real.” Sighing, she turns and walks away. The crowd parts, not wanting get caught between us.

Stalking after her, a hand grabs my arm. Pulling my arm free, I turn to tell this person where to go, but I’ve come face to face with a very pregnant Serena. Fuck. Now I’m screwed.

“Give her a minute.” She grumbles. “You will get nowhere with her right now.”

Her words surprise me. I expected to have my ass handed to me with a side of my ball sack for dessert.

“Don’t look so surprised, Chris.” She rolls her eyes. “I get why you are uncomfortable.” I open my mouth to thank her, but she speaks first. “That doesn’t mean I approve of your little tantrum.” Serena points toward the video set.

“How do you expect me to react?” I bark.

“Like an adult, maybe.” She snaps back.

Growling loud, I leave Serena to go after Mia.

As I round the corner Mia disappeared, I come face to face with Una. Her arms are crossed over her chest. One brow rose above her left eye, and pursed lips.

“We need to talk.” Her voice is level, not nearly as angry filled as I would’ve expected.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” I groan. “Blondie goes or Mia doesn’t come back to the set.” I attempt to step around her, but Una has other plans.

“It’s just a video. He’s paid to pretend. It’s pretend, Christopher, and you know it.”

“I still don’t like it and I can’t stand by while Mia sings that song to him.”

“Would it matter what song it was?” Una keeps blocking my attempts to get by her.

“No, it would still bother me.” Narrowing my eyes, I stop the stupid dance she has me doing.

“Then just go until the shoot is over.”

“Not going to happen, and you know that.” We stand staring at each other for a minute, neither one wanting to back down.

“Fine, you win.” Her arms fall to her sides on a heavy sigh.

“Really?” Something tells me to be suspicious.

“Come with me.” Una waves a pale white hand for me to follow.

“What about—”

“Come with me, Christopher.” A maternal tone I’d never heard Una use before has me trailing where she leads.




“Of all the stupid, hypocritical, ego maniac things to do,” I grumble.

Knowing that Chris isn’t too far behind me, I pick up my pace. There’s no way he would just leave. His demands had not been met, so he would continue this craziness. I’m shocked he’s taking this long to get here.

The knocking at the dressing room door surprises me. He wouldn’t knock. He would just barge right in like he owned the place.

“Come in,” I call out, taking a seat in one of the leather chairs.

“Mia?” Una steps into the room. With graceful steps, she takes a seat in front of me.

“Where is he?” Before Una can answer me, a scary thought crosses my mind. “He didn’t attack Gunnar, did he?” I could vividly see Chris pounding Gunnar’s too pretty face.

“No.” Una giggles.

“It’s not funny.” I argue. “I can totally see Chris beating him to a pulp.”

“I assure you Gunnar is fine and Christopher doesn’t have to worry about assault charges.”

Exhaling in relief, I slouch back into the leather chair.

“However, he isn’t making the video easy to finish.” A smile curls the left side of her mouth.

I roll my eyes. “What else is new?” Shaking my head, I lean forward, my elbows to my knees. “Why did I agree to marry him?” A grin spreads across my mouth.

“Probably because you two are amazing together, you love him, and he loves, adores, and worships you.” Una smiles large.

Sitting up straight, my grin grows to a larger smile. “Oh, maybe that’s it.”

“Anyhow, we need to get you back out to the set.” Una stands.

“But what about—?”

“I’ve taken care of Christopher.” Una motions for me to get up.

Standing, I furrow my brow. “What did you do to convince him not to interfere?”

“I told him the truth.” Una takes me by the elbow, pulling me out the door.

“What truth?” I follow her lead down the hallway.

“That Gunnar is gay, my dear.”

“He is?” My steps slow, just a bit.

“Yes. His partner also auditioned for the video.” Una keeps us at a steady pace, only releasing me once we arrived back to the set.

“Huh.” I ponder this news, though it doesn’t matter either way.

Taking a look around, I don’t see any sign of Chris. Was that really all it took? The actor is gay and he is completely fine with everything?

Stepping back up to the platform, the director begins calling out orders. Taking his instruction, I get into place just as the music begins. Positioning myself at the end of the bed, I look down where Gunnar was lying earlier.

“Chris?!” I don’t know whether to be angry or to laugh.

“I don’t give a shit if the dude is gay. That song belongs to me, baby, just the way you do.” Putting his arms behind his head, a slow smile spread across his face.

Laughter wins. I burst into a fit of giggles.

“You kicked out the actor.” I snort. “You really are mental.”

“Not mental, baby. I’m just not willing to share you.” His eyes roam my body as he licks his bottom lip. The flash of his tongue ring has the same effect as always. My body heats, heart starts racing, and desire tingles under my skin.

“Let’s start from the top….Again!” The director’s annoyed shout snaps me from my lust filled haze. “Are we finally ready, Miss Ryder?”

Still grinning, I nod.

“Action,” the director calls. The music starts and I sing to the man who inspired the song.


After three takes, we wrap for the evening.

“I can’t believe you did that.” Shaking my head, I wrap my arm around his waist.

“Why not?” Chris guides me by the waist to the car waiting to take us home.

“It was kind of fun to have you in my video though.”

Reaching the car, the driver opens the door. Chris pushes me forward, to climb in first.

“Especially, since you inspired the song.” Grinning wide, I slip into the back of the car.

“I fucking knew it!” Chris climbs in behind me.

Wrapping me up in his arms, he claims my mouth. After a minute, he pulls back.

“From now on, I’m the only man in your videos.” Before I could argue, his mouth devoured my lips.

Slipping his hand to the back of my thigh, then behind my left knee, he pulls me down. With my back to the leather car seat, he rose above my body, separating our mouths.

“And you will be the only hot, half-dressed woman slithering against me in my videos.” Wiggling his brow, he leaned down to kiss me again.

Turning my head to the side before he could, he growled low, but kissed down my neck instead.

“Half dressed, huh?” I giggle when his mouth pauses against my skin.

He pushes up and looks down at me frowning. “Okay, fully dressed, but you still get to slither against me.”

“Maybe I want to slither against someone else.” I tease.

“Now you’re just trying to get the rest of the band killed.” He deadpans, before giving me a mischievous grin.

“What are you—?” His fingers dig into my hips. “Chris, stop!” I wriggle and twist to get away. Grabbing at the offending appendages, he doesn’t relent on my hip bones.

“Who are you going to slither against in my kick ass rock videos?” He taunts and tickles.

“Jack-son!” I call between laughs. This leads to more intense tickling. “Okay, OKAY.”

“Who?” He emphasizes the question with his fingers.

“You, Christopher!”

Beaming, he stops his attack. “That’s right, me.”

“Shut up and kiss me.” I demand, reaching around his head and pulling him down to me.

“I’ve got more plans for this back seat.” One finger slips into my jeans, sliding toward the button of my jeans.



I hope you enjoyed this little ‘tryst’ with Christopher and Mia.  As you can see, not much has changed about Christopher. But really, would we want him to?

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